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Telephone and Email Directory

PastorFather Rafael Carballo 706-290-9000 x210         
Parochial Vicar
Father Valery Akoh
 706-290-9000 x209
Parish Administrator Deacon Stuart Neslin 706-290-9000 x211
Emergency Deacon Stuart Neslin (mobile email) 706-506-6904
Fax   706-295-1717
Business Manager Carol Black 706-290-9000 x201
Bulletin Editor, Sacrament records         
Rosa Cordero
706-290-9000 x208
Religious Education Faith Formation Director
Joandra O'Campo
706-290-9000 x206
Youth Programs Joandra O'Campo    
706-290-9000 x206
Christian Initiation Chris Lewis
706-290-9000 x211
Holy Communion
(home, hospital, nursing home visits)
Church Office
706-290-9000 x211
Music and Choirs Ken Moyers 706-290-9000 x212
Altar Flowers Holly Miles 706-290-9000
Hispanic Ministry Sister Carmen Gordillo 706-232-3216
St. Mary's School Melissa Reder, Principal