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VIRAL: Sacerdote explica foto de "bautismo" con pistola de agua bendita

, 26 May. 20 (ACI Prensa).- El sacerdote de la parroquia Saint Mark de Manchester (Estados Unidos), que aparece en una fotografía viral donde se representa un bautismo con una pistola de agua, dijo a los feligreses que la foto fue una puesta en escena y que debería ser divertida.

Número récord de personas dejan la Iglesia en Alemania

, 26 May. 20 (ACI Prensa).- El martes 26 de mayo, una oficina local de estadística anunció que un número récord de personas abandonaron la Iglesia en la Arquidiócesis de Múnich y Freising (Alemania) el año pasado.

Minnesota bishops: Death of black man in police custody a ‘tragedy’

Washington, D.C. Newsroom, May 26, 2020 / 01:00 pm (CNA).- The Minnesota Catholic Conference on Tuesday called the death of a black man while he was in police custody a “tragedy,” and welcomed an investigation.

A video circulated online on Tuesday of a May 25 arrest in Minneapolis. In the video an officer with the Minneapolis Police Department can be seen kneeling on the neck of a man laying on the street as he is taken into custody. The man was later identified as George Floyd.

“I cannot breathe,” Floyd said multiple times, groaning as the knee of a police officer was on his neck. A second police officer stood by watching.

The video appears to skip several minutes to a later shot, where Floyd’s eyes appear closed and onlookers exclaim that he was not moving and shouted at the officers to “get off of his neck.”

According to the Minneapolis Police Department’s account of the arrest, officers had handcuffed Floyd and “noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress.” They called for an ambulance, and Floyd was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center “where he died a short time later.”

The state’s Catholic Conference, which speaks on behalf of the bishops of Minnesota’s six dioceses, called Floyd’s death “a tragedy” and welcomed an investigation.

“This is a tragedy. It is good that state and federal investigators are already looking into the incident to determine what happened,” stated Jason Adkins of the Minnesota Catholic Conference.

“People need to feel safe in their communities and have trust in law enforcement, who should exercise their power in a spirit of service,” Adkins said. “If there was misconduct, hopefully justice will be done.”

According to the police department, officers had initially responded to a “forgery in progress” on the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue South.

“Officers were advised that the suspect was sitting on top of a blue car and appeared to be under the influence,” the department said.

When officers arrived on the scene, the department said that Floyd was ordered “to step from his car,” and physically resisted arrest once he got out of his car; the officers handcuffed him and then noted “he appeared to be suffering medical distress.”

Both the FBI and the state’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension will be investigating the incident.

The mayor of St. Paul called the video “one of the most vile and heartbreaking images I’ve ever seen,” and that both officers “must be held fully accountable. This must stop now.”

Priest says water gun 'baptism' photo meant to be 'funny'

CNA Staff, May 26, 2020 / 12:55 pm (CNA).- The Tennessee priest in a now-viral photograph that seemed to depict a baptism by water gun has told parishioners that the photo was staged, and was meant to be funny.

“This is what Fr. Steve said about this: 1) The family had requested for him to do this pose as copied from several posts of priests circulating around the internet. He agreed because he thought it was funny. 2) The water in the water gun is not holy water and was squirted towards the dad and not the baby for humor impact,” explained Saint Mark Catholic Church of Manchester, Tennessee in a Facebook post Tuesday.

“Bottom line, it was meant to be for fun,” the parish post added.

The priest in the photo is Fr. Stephen Klasek, who is pastor of two parishes: St. Mark, and Saint Paul the Apostle in nearby Tullahoma. Klasek, a priest of the Diocese of Nashville, has been ordained 37 years.

The parish indicated it was posting to "clarify the photo that has gone viral as we have been receiving inquiries about it. It has garnered almost a million views in Twitter, has been in the news in several websites and memes. It had good and controversial comments.”

While Klasek’s photo was apparently staged, photos of a priest purporting to bless parishioners with a water gun in Detroit went viral earlier this month. Fr. Tim Pelc told Buzzfeed News he had shot parishioners with holy water in a water gun as something “for the kids of the parish.”

Klasek's photo spread like wildfire over social media this weekend. While some praised it, others criticized the photo, suggesting it seemed to make light of the solemnity of baptism or trivialize priestly ministry.

The Diocese of Nashville has not yet responded to questions from CNA regarding Klasek’s staged photo.


Obispos de Austria proponen bendición oficial para parejas homosexuales

, 26 May. 20 (ACI Prensa).- El comité de liturgia del Episcopado austríaco publicó recientemente un libro en el que se propone una bendición oficial para las parejas homosexuales, una práctica que iría más allá de las bendiciones que ya se hacen en la Catedral de Viena y que sería contraria a la enseñanza de la Iglesia Católica.

Costa Rica legaliza el “matrimonio” homosexual

, 26 May. 20 (ACI Prensa).- Costa Rica legalizó este martes 26 de mayo el “matrimonio” entre personas del mismo sexo, convirtiéndose en el primer país de Centro América en hacerlo, después de un fallo judicial de 2018 que fue lamentado por los obispos del país.

Así es la gruta de Lourdes del Vaticano donde el Papa rezará por el fin del coronavirus

VATICANO, 26 May. 20 (ACI Prensa).- El Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, en Francia, es el destino de millones de peregrinos, sobre todo la gruta en la que la Virgen María se apareció a Santa Bernardette Soubirus en 1858.

California churches can reopen at 25% capacity

CNA Staff, May 26, 2020 / 09:00 am (CNA).- Churches in California can begin holding services again at a limited capacity, the state announced on Monday.

The California health department ruled that, subject to the approval of local authorities, churches in the state can begin reopening along with in-store retail shopping. The state had originally placed churches in a later reopening stage than some businesses which have already begun reopening.

Under the new 21-day policy, houses of worship can hold religious services at up to 25% capacity with a maximum of 100 attendees.

Churches have to implement virus prevention plans, recommend face coverings, set social distancing guidance, and “consider eliminating singing and group recitations.” Any singing or recitations “should be conducted outside,” the department said.

After 21 days, the state health department will reassess the policy, which is still subject to the approval of county health departments. According to KGO local news, some counties have progressed to later stages of reopening than others.

The state’s Catholic conference tweeted on Monday that the announcement was “welcome news,” asking Catholics to “continue to be careful and considerate” and to consult their diocese on reopening plans as “not all will be the same.”

The conference told CNA on May 14 that “the dioceses are working with all possible speed” to formulate their own plans and “working to match local conditions,” consulting with local authorities on how to safely reopen churches as the situation of the virus varied by county.

California remains in stage 2 of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) four-stage reopening plan, where manufacturing, logistics, and some retail businesses are being allowed to reopen with some restrictions.

Churches were initially listed in stage 3 of the reopening plan, a later phase reserved for “higher-risk workplaces.”

The Thomas More Society had filed a lawsuit against the state on behalf of a Pentecostal church in San Diego, saying that the state had violated First Amendment freedoms by forcing churches to remain closed while allowing some businesses to reopen during the pandemic. The church had asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in its case.

Federal guidance for the resumption of in-person religious services was published on Friday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), after President Trump called on state governors to allow churches to reopen “right now.”

Public Masses in Californian dioceses have been suspended since March. In recent days, some of the state’s bishops had said that plans were underway to eventually resume public Masses.

On May 12, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone announced that he and other bishops had consulted with local leaders about safely resuming public Masses. Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento said on May 20 that “My brother priests and I are preparing to resume the public celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass.” 

On May 23, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles said he was “working really hard” with state and local officials “to help them to understand what is the importance of the presence of God in our lives and how beautiful it is for us to come to church,” and that “I think the officials are, little by little, understanding better what is that urgent reality.

El Papa celebrará Pentecostés sin fieles, pero rezará el Regina Coeli en público

VATICANO, 26 May. 20 (ACI Prensa).- El Papa Francisco celebrará la Misa en el día de Pentecostés, domingo 31 de mayo, en la Capilla del Santísimo Sacramento de la Basílica de San Pedro del Vaticano sin la presencia de fieles, debido a las medidas preventivas contra el coronavirus.

Papa Francisco nombra dos obispos para Chile

, 26 May. 20 (ACI Prensa).- El 26 de mayo el Papa Francisco nombró dos nuevos obispos para Chile; se trata del P. Gonzalo Bravo Álvarez como Obispo de la Diócesis de San Felipe de Aconcagua; y al P. Julio Larrondo Yáñez, Obispo Auxiliar de la Arquidiócesis de Santiago.